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Killed By Drunk Driver

This page is made in memory of my only two children who died with their father and step mother, on a short spring break camping trip gone terribly wrong. They had just left to the Wild Life Safari ( Winston, Oregon) and were settled in for the 2 hr trip out to the coast where they were going to spend a couple days.
The trip ended in the Camas Valley, Oregon when in the oncoming lane drove a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel that was alcohol induced. It was an 80% head on collision, Jeff (heading west) slammed on his brakes for 80 ft and  the little pickup(heading east) hit, flipping up and landing the wrong way in his lane blocking traffic for hours. His alcohol content from what was left of him was as high as .16 BAC(Blood Alcohol Content) and there were opened and unopened alcohol found in wreckage.
There was a fire that started on the vehicle headed west and my children and their step mother died from smoke inhalation. Both drivers died on impact!
This page is to bring AWARENESS to those who think it CAN'T happen to them. I am here to tell you it CAN! 
Story Below written Feb 2011

 14 Yrs Ago Both of My Children Were Killed by a Drunk Driver. Their Father and Stepmother were also killed in this Accident. This could have been prevented!
The DD was Jeffrey Burton ,48 yrs old approx., and he was soon to be a grandfather himself. He complained of being so tired that he needed to take the following day off. He commuted 2 hrs both ways for work as a relief driver for a Northwest Dairy Company. He apparently stopped off at the quicky mart and bought a six pack of beer for the trip home, drank a few and fell asleep at the wheel. On a sweeping corner, crossed the double line and hit head on the oncoming traffic which was my family. 80% head on collision crushing the front of the jeep, Bowers skidding 85 ft as he saw what was coming, and crushing the little truck into the drivers cab. The jeep was pulling a tent trailer and in this collision caused the trailer to come unhitched and shove under the back of the jeep punching a hole in the full gas tank and a fire started.
5 people lost their lives in this accident!!! Numerous families affected and changed forever!

Jeffrey Edward Bowers 4/8/69--3/25/97
Carolyn Ann Dehart Bowers 2/13/66--3/25/97
Jeffrey Raymond Bowers 11/26/90--3/25/97
Kaija Nicole Lomasi Bowers 11/5/92--3/25/97
Jeffrey Burton 3/25/97

The next time you go out and have a drink please call a cab or call a friend....Think before you Drink! Have a plan and have a great time and make it home safe!
Updated Oct 2014
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

March 25,1997

Five killed in Collision west of Winston

Four members of a Hood River family on their way to the Oregon Coast for a spring break camping trip were killed in a head-on collision in the Southern Coastal Range.
All four family members and the driver of the oncoming truck died either from the violent impact of the collision or the subsequent fire, state police said.
A 1989 Jeep Cherokee Wagoneer driven by Jeffrey E. Bowers of Hood River collided about 5:30 pm Tuesday with a Toyota Pickup that crossed the center line on a curve on Hwy 42 about 17 miles west of Winston, state police said.
Killed were Bowers, 27, a self employed drywall installer; his wife Carolyn Ann Dehart, 31, a meatcutter at a family owned grocery store in White Salmon; and Bowers' children from a previous marriage, Jeffrey, 6 and Kaija, 4. Also,was killed the pickup driver, Jeffrey C. Burton, 43, of Murphy.

Eugene Register-Guard